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An Appeal

An Appeal

Support Ramakrishna Mission Shillong: Empowering Humanity, Nurturing Hope


Dear Friends,
Welcome to Ramakrishna Mission, a worldwide spiritual movement committed to fostering harmony among religions, promoting holistic human development, advocating social equality, and striving for peace across humanity, transcending all boundaries of creed, caste, race, or nationality. At the heart of our organization lies the profound belief in "Worship of God in Man," which guides our every endeavor.

Our Legacy of Service
Since the 1930s, Ramakrishna Mission, Shillong, has been a beacon of hope and service to the people of this region. For more than seventy-five years, we have steadfastly served the community, overcoming various challenges with unwavering dedication. Today, our efforts have borne fruit in the form of the Ramakrishna Mission Charitable Dispensary, a trusted healthcare facility in Shillong, along with its Mobile services, and the Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda Cultural Centre, an educational and youth activity hub exemplifying our vision and commitment.

Extending Relief During Disasters
Throughout the years, Ramakrishna Mission has always been at the forefront of providing relief during disasters. In times of crisis, we find it crucial to distribute provisions and grocery items to families in need. Your generous contributions have played a vital role in alleviating suffering and supporting communities in their most vulnerable moments.

Scholarships for Bright Futures
Our commitment to education is evident through the Vivekananda Cultural Centre, which serves nearly 7000 students each year. We encounter hundreds of students seeking financial assistance, and we aim to support them through scholarships. You can help us create an endowment fund to empower these promising young minds. Additionally, you have the opportunity to contribute to the smooth functioning of the Ashram, Vivekananda Cultural Centre, or Charitable Dispensary by establishing a corpus.

How You Can Make a Difference
Your support can take various forms, each contributing to the betterment of society. You can make financial contributions through donations to our bank account or by issuing a cheque in favor of Ramakrishna Mission, Shillong. Additionally, we also welcome material donations, and we assure you that they will reach those who need them the most.

For willing donors, kindly provide your identity details (Aadhaar No./PAN No./Voter ID No./Passport No., etc.), along with your address and contact number. Upon receipt of this information, we will gladly share our bank details for your contribution.

When All Else Fails, Your Prayers Prevail
We understand that not everyone may be in a position to provide financial or material support. In such circumstances, your prayers and good wishes are invaluable in bolstering our efforts and ensuring the success of all our endeavors.

Join Us in Transforming Lives
By supporting Ramakrishna Mission, Shillong, you become an integral part of a mission-driven community that tirelessly works towards empowering humanity and nurturing hope. Together, we can create a positive impact on countless lives and build a more compassionate, harmonious world.


To make a contribution or inquire further, please reach out to the contact details in the Contact Us section. For online donations, please refer to the Donate Us page.


Yours in the Lord,
Swami Hitakamananda

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