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Charitable Dispensary

Charitable Dispensary

Welcome to our Charitable Dispensary, a beacon of compassionate healthcare that has been serving the community since 1940. Our journey began with a humble Homoeopathic dispensary located below the Temple premises, and over the years, we have evolved to meet the growing needs of the community.

A Legacy of Caring

In 1952, we proudly opened the doors of our present Charitable Dispensary building on Laitumkhrah main road. The inauguration was graced by distinguished personalities, including Sri Jairamdas Daulatram, the then Governor of Assam, Chief Minister B.R. Medhi, Swami Vireswaranandaji, and Gambhiranandaji. Since then, we have received appreciation for our sincere service from countless beneficiaries and the local public.

Committed to Growth

As our community's healthcare needs expanded, we recognized the necessity for a modern, well-equipped facility. In 2003, we laid the foundation stone for a new 3-storied RCC building, which was inaugurated in 2007 by the revered Swami Smarananandaji Maharaj, the then General Secretary of Ramakrishna Math & Mission.

Comprehensive Healthcare Services

Today, our Charitable Dispensary stands as a symbol of comprehensive healthcare. We offer a wide array of services, including pathological laboratory, X-Ray unit, and separate departments for Allopathic and Homeopathic treatments. Additionally, we have dedicated departments for Medicine, Eye, Dental, Paediatric, Physiotherapy, ENT, Ultrasound, and ECG, as well as an Ayurveda department.

Serving the Community - A Way of Life

At our dispensary, we firmly believe in the power of selfless service. We provide free medicines and treat approximately 90,000 patients annually. But our commitment goes beyond the clinic walls. Through our Mobile Medical Unit, we extend our healing touch to another 30,000-35,000 patients in remote villages.

Join Us in Our Mission

We invite you to experience the compassionate care we offer at our Charitable Dispensary. Whether you seek medical assistance or wish to be a part of our dedicated team of volunteers, there are numerous ways to contribute and make a difference in the lives of others.

Your Support Matters

As a charitable institution, we rely on the generosity of individuals and organizations to continue our noble mission. Your support can help us enhance our facilities, expand our outreach, and touch even more lives with healing and hope.

Visit Us Today

Come and be a part of our legacy of caring. Our doors are open to everyone in need, and together, we can create a healthier, happier community. Plan your visit to our Charitable Dispensary and experience the transformative power of compassionate healthcare. Let us walk hand in hand towards a healthier future.


At Shillong, the Ramakrishna Mission is running a Charitable Dispensary which treats about 90,000 patients per year. Its mobile medical unit takes care of another 35,000 needy people in remote villages. 

Ramakrishna Mission charitable dispensary Laitumkhrah Shillong Meghalaya 793003
Email: shillong.dispensary@rkmm.org.
Contact number: 9436705813
Out Patient Department (OPD) Timings: 8am to 11.30am.


1) Digital X-Ray (Chest, Cervical, Shoulder, L/S - Lumbosacral spine, Abdomen, Leg, Hip, Ankle, Knee, Foot, Hand, Elbow)
2) X-Ray OPG
3) ECG 
4) Pathology (Blood & Urine Test).
5) Physiotherapy Treatment (Traction, IFT, Tens, laser ultrasound, Shortwave).
6) Ultrasonography (USG - Whole Abdomen, Upper&Lower Abdomen, Obstetrics, Soft tissue, Scrotum).
7) Eye Section (Fundus camera, Auto refractometer).
8) Dental Section (Extraction, RCT, Scaling, Filling, Denture, Crown).

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