Ramakrishna Mission Charitable Dispensary

Visitors at the Dispensary at present would perhaps find it difficult to believe that the activities of this Dispensary first began in the form of a small homoeopathic dispensary in the Ashrama premises in the 1950s. Gradually, the number of patients increased and the space in the Ashrama premises became rather insufficient to accommodate the inflow of patients. With some financial donations from devotees and pine-wood donated from the Department of Forests, a new dispensary building was raised on a plot at a little distance from the Ashrama. The dispensary was inaugurated by the then Hon'ble Governor of Assam, Sri Jairamdas Daulatramji.

Over the years, the facilities improved, with the establishment of a laboratory for pathological tests and operation theatres for minor surgeries, and more and more patients were treated. At present, the Dispensary has an X-Ray Unit, E.C.G., Ultrasonography, Dental Section, Eye department, E.N.T. Department, General Medicine Section and Homeopathy department functions with increasing demand.

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