Shri Ramakrishna Paramahansa      

Sri Ramakrishna,  well known as the "Paramahansa", is the brightest star that rose on the spiritual firmament of India in the nineteenth century. Born of pious parents in the little village of Kamarpukar in a remote part of Bengal  on 18th February 1836 he spent his early life there itself. Ever since he shifted to Calcutta in 1852 to assist his elder brother, until his Mahasamadhi on the 1886, it was a long life of total dedication to God.


Starting his life as an unknown temple priest whose vocation was not considered as a very honorable one, he rose to be a world teacher of religion and spirituality, by dint of intense sadhanas culminating in a uniquely comprehensive spiritual experience. From simple image worship right up to the highest flights of Aviate philosophy, the whole gamut of Indian spiritual life was transversed by him. Not being satisfied with it, he experimented with other religions like Christianity and Islam and found, to his amazement, that they too lead to same super conscious mystic state.

    Being thus armed with the direct experience of Truth through the known paths of various cults and religions, he proclaimed the great message of his life. The essential unity of all religion and the consequent need for harmony among the votaries of various religions. He specially prepared a band of disciples under the leadership of Narendranath (Swami Vivekananda) to give a practical shape to his teachings and spread them far and wide for the benefit of humanity.

The Ramakrishna Math and the Ramakrishna Mission are the direct offshoots of this. Through Sri Sarada Devi, his consort, he has exhibited to the world the possibility of raising conjugal life to the highest spiritual level and the nature of universal motherhood.

He said

"Reality is one and the same, but the difference is in the name and the form."