Sri Maa Sarda Devi


If the motherly love inhabiting the hearts of all the mothers of the world were to be put together and churned, the nectar would issue forth and would perhaps approximate to Sri Sarada Devi. Sri Ramakrishna left her in this world to uphold the ideal of universal mother hood.
Born of humble and pious parents at the village of Jayarambati in Bengal on the 22nd December 1853, Sri Sarada Devi grew up practically like any other village girl of those days with little schooling but plenty of work at home and in the fields.


Though united with Sri Ramakrishna in wedlock at the age of hardly six, she lived with her parents most of the time in the early years. It was only in the first part of 1872 when she was about eighteen, that she arrived at Dakshineswar and started living with her saintly husband. It was during this year that Sri Ramakrishna worshipped her as 'Shodashi,' an aspect of the Divine Mother. With no trace of cupidity in their heart and yet overflowing with the most tender love and concern for each other, the couple has left the whole world, the supreme example of conjugal life.

    Being thus armed with the direct experience of Truth through the known paths of various cults and religions, he proclaimed the great message of his life: the essential unity of all religion and the consequent need for harmony among the votaries of various religions. He specially prepared a band of disciples under the leadership of Narendranath (Swami Vivekananda) to give a practical shape to his teachings and spread them far and wide for the benefit of humanity.    

The next fourteen years of her life - until the demise of Sri Ramakrishna in 1886- were a veritable saga of self-effacing service to her husband and his disciples. It was also a period of intensive training for her, by her godly husband, who could well foresee her future role as a spiritual teacher in her own right. The next phase of her life from 1886 to 1909, when a permanent abode was built for her at Calcutta, was rather chequered. She spent much of her time in pilgrimage and spiritual ministry. The last eleven years until her Mahasamadhi on the 21st July 1920 were more hectic.